Sustainable Integrated Medicine In Africa

Original wound seen by FIMAFRICA hadn't healed for 3 years before FIMAFRICA's treatment

Wound shrinking after Homeopathic treatment

case A
Working this Monday morning was a treat. I came across a patient who had swollen legs littered with blisters. I wondered to myself what this could be, until the nurse told me he had chronic liver failure, from overuse of alcohol since he was a youth. They had found him in a dark room in the slums, muttering to himself and staring in the corner. No one had helped him, and he didn't have the know how of how to get himself out of his situation. It was the sisters of the mission who by chance found him, in time,to bring him to cure. I administered a combination of lycopodium and liver/spleen/kidney homeopathic combo, in varying doses. For 3 days he would also take carbo-veg, a homeopathic for ascites affecting breathing when lying down, which was also what he was suffering from. After 5 days I returned to the mission hospital, pensive at first, then happy when I saw the patient sitting in the lawn, blisters almost completely healed, his breathing issues gone, and edema of the legs almost 70% recovered! It was a start. I knew the problem wasn't completely removed. I administered chelidonium 30c, intermittently with lycopodium, 2 important liver remedies. 1 week later, I saw him once again,edema significantly removed, no breathing problems, blisters literally gone,and the only thing still persisting was his back pain (which could be pathological or from sitting and lying in bed all the time), and slight edemain the lower back. I still have yet to follow up with him, and finalize the remedies to complete the case.


FIMAFRICA is carrying out mobile clinics in Laikipia North District of Kenya.

This region is an undeveloped district, with approximately 18710 people scattered over an area of 2589.4 km2. The entire district has only 1 health centre with its bed capacity being only 12, and 3 dispensaries. The doctor/population ratio is 1:18710, and the nurse/population ratio is 1:5000. The infant mortality rate is approximately 41.5/1000. The average distance to a health facility is 25km, and more for some people, who have to walk significant distances to reach basic health services. Diseases like Malaria often leave people dying on their way to basic health care. The main diseases afflicting this population are malaria, HIV, TB and respiratory conditions, trachoma and other eye infections, urinary tract infections, effects of female genital mutilation (FGM), and other diseases left unrecorded due to scarce health services. FGM also leaves young girls at risk of serious health concerns, since many of them live in remote villages and cannot access health facilities.

case B
A lady came in one afternoon, fairly healthy looking, yet she said she had been living with a sense of coldness of the whole lower left of her body. Upon further questioning, she revealed a sense of constriction and heat in her upper left body, all the way into her arms, with the sense of constriction being painful. It was an unusual case, but not unusual for homeopathy. Measuring her blood pressure, we were quite shocked to see how high it was, and I suspected she was living with a side effect of a mild stroke.Upon further investigation, we decided to administer lachesis, a left sided remedy, also known for its effects in stroke victims, and it's effect on blood pressure. Before the visit was over, (in half an hour after administering a single dose), we re-measured her blood pressure. At this time she was already telling us that the coldness was disappearing in her legs and her arms were less painful. I was surprised to see a remedy work so fast. Another surprise came when the blood pressure reading had dropped by 30 points, systolic. I told her that - she smiled, her gaped teethed showing all the signs of satisfaction that give a doctor the sense of positive reinforcement and dedication to their work. We gave her some blood pressure remedies to take with her to help manage the blood pressure, told her to get her blood pressure checked regularly during the week by a local clinician, and continued her on the lachesis to finish the cure.
case C
Driving with Anne Powys to Mokogodo forest, we stopped in Timau on the way to pick up vegetables. As we were getting back into the car,this man Anne knew brought a lady up to us, panting and suffocating. She wanted a ride to where we were headed, not knowing there was a doctor in the car. She had just left the hospital and was having an acute asthma attack that hadn't resolved with conventional medicines. We took her symptoms, and upon further investigation, found out that her asthma had a sensation of pain and constriction in the throat, and was worse in the evenings and during cold weather. Often she would sit up in bed at night when the attacks got worse.Drinking warm liquids seemed to relieve her a little. We gave her homeopathic Spongia Tosta 12C, and were very pleased when the panting stopped in half an hour, and she could breathe again. After half an hour, we re-dosed her to allow the remedy to act deeper, and remove the pathology completely. We gave her an extra dose to take later on when the attack came on at night. She was happy when we dropped her off at her junction, waving at us waiting for us to return on our next trip, and we will follow up with her to evaluate how deeply the remedy acted to resolve her asthma.

Abha Light Foundation and Others

We partner with other organizations to facilitate our work and also to enhance their services. We partner with Abha Light Foundation to share our clinics with volunteers as well. ALF also provides FIMAFRICA with affordable homeopathic medicines and provides schooling for people who want to learn homeopathy and alternative medicine. FIMAFRICA also partners with Mpala mobile clinics, which provide Family planning and HIV counseling and testing services to the communities we reach. It is a priveledge to share our time with these organizations because so much learning is gained. Thank you for your partnership!!